USHPA publishes Fly La Salina Articles for March/April 2017 edition pp 54

Some have wondered, “why” and/or “how” I became “Baja Brent”. A big part of that story–that I wrote— was just published by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragaliding Association (aka USHPA), which is the USA’s parent free flight organization. I wish to thank USHPA for publishing it, Nick Greece for his assistance as editor in chief at USHPA; Briana Kufa for helping me personally by providing her insight/editing skills; and of course Diane Gerard (Flipper) for photo help, editing, and insight. For those of you interested you will locate it on page 54…And if you get a wild hair and wanna join us for the 11th Annual Fiesta del Cielo Luna Llena Fly-in April 5-11 come on down! cheers…/…/hgpg1702_issuu

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