January 2012 Flying Season off to a slow start, BUT THEN it happens!

After returning to San Diego, after the Christmas tree season, BB immediately after Christmas returned to La Salina arriving December 26.  Exhausted, he took a couple days to recoop, then took his last flight of the year December 30 (conditions were marginal the other 2 days).  A one hour flight capped the year.

January 2012 began like January 2011. High Pressure set in throughout the southwest USA.  Conditions were beautiful, sunny, warm, mid 70’s…but NO WIND!

Two weeks transpired with similar conditions.  BB got in a couple of sledders, and nothing more.

On/about mid month, things changed!!!! Finally, BB logged 7 straight days of flying 7.5 hours of airtime, with fairly challenging conditions on a couple days.  Two flights exceeded 2 hours.   The final flying day, January 22 gave up two flying sessions from 11:30-1:00PM and then a 1 hour awesome glass off flight of one hour (3:30PM).

During BB’s absence, the Ejido made SIGNIFICANT alterations to their cultivation area atop the mesa.  Its important to be aware, that the road to launch has been re-routed through the south end of the mesa.  Its no longer a 30 minute drive; rather more like 45.  There are two gates (in addition to the opening gate) that must be opened.  And any attempt to navigate after dark is “challenging” to say the least.  After a nighttime glassoff with Flipper,, wherein BB sunk out before top landing, he had to hike to the top and retrieve the Exploder, then drive out—it was the first time BB had driven the new route….he got lost for an hour….on the backside of the mesa!  Never seen so many HUGE bunny rabbits in his life…bigger than some of the coyotes!!! Its good to know the food chain is thriving at La Salina!

Speaking of which, a new couple of hawks have joined TeamFlyLaSalina!  And they love BBs Sigma 8! “Herman” the hawk is now a star of the show.  Ever since BB started flying, this season, Herman has been readily available to share the air…and the thermals!  Herman is unafraid of the paraglider, and in fact, seems to boat around sometimes in formation to BBs wing!

BB has not been good at recharging the GoPro, but will do so before the next flying session.  Herman will hopefully be ready to show his stuff!

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1 Response to January 2012 Flying Season off to a slow start, BUT THEN it happens!

  1. diane says:

    I also finally got a great flight on Jan. 16th…FINALLY! Lots of lift, fun time north of the crosses!

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