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 Not since 1996 has La Salina Flying ridge undergone such a serious flying site rehabilitation. With the full consent, consultation, and blessings of the Ejido La Mision (the owners of the 15,000 acre flying ridge), Bajabrent (BB) retained Mexican contractors, and laborers (and … Continue reading

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APRIL 2011 Its Gettin GOOD!!!!

April FoolsDay woulda been foolish to fly La Salina, but that soon changed as April 3 meant 2 hour flights for BajaBrent and Juan, and a 45 minute flight for Flipper. Casey Cadwell,  Dave Vida and Turbo Bob arrived April … Continue reading

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March 2011…Serious Fly La Salina Airtime Returns!

March turned out to be one of the best La Salina flying months since autumn 2010.  Gone are the warm stable days of January. BACK are consistently good flying sessions of 2 hours or more.

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