March 5, 2014: La Salina Flying CONCESSION is returned to BajaBrent and Team Fly La Salina

On March 5, 2014, after 12 months in “exile” BajaBrent was restored the concession to the Ejido La Mision, and La Salina flying ridge. 

The concession includes all of the Ejido’s 15,000+ acres and controls all flying related activities which are now under Brent’s control.  With this concession came a serious financial commitment, solely undertaken by Brent.  Heretofore this requires pilots to pay a daily usage fee of $10.  If the pilot is a guest of BajaBrent’s at either his Bed and Breakfast, or his affiliated vacation rentals, they are entitled to a discount.  Tandem flights are required to pay $30 per flight (transportation etc. to launch requires additional consideration, to be cleared with Brent).

Formerly, BajaBrent had been the site administrator from 2000, until March of 2013. Then PPG pilot Mike Purdy approached the Ejido La Mision,  to secure the site, in an attempt to convert PPG pilots to PG pilots at La Salina, @ $1700/student. Brent submitted his own proposal, which was rejected, because Purdy outbid Brent, because he forecast a windfall income opportunity for his “idea”. Brent refused to engage in a bidding war premised upon Purdy’s financial dream.   Brent his administration, and Purdy took over.

Next Purdy attempted to recruit “illegal alien” instructors to train his forecasted students in La Salina. Brent objected. Brent was/is the only LEGAL PERMANENT resident w/ work privileges permitted to engage in such activity for financial gain. This stymied Purdy’s attempt to convert PPG to PG, because Purdy was NOT PG pilot, and had NEVER paraglided La Salina without a motor. Alas he had a school without any instructors, and begging for students.

BUT there was ONE OTHER problem w/ Mr. Purdy’s plan. His reputation. For over a year there had been complaint(s) posted online about Purdy’s questionable PPG business practices. Complaints he had ignored. One after another, the complainant grew. Eventually dozens  of complaints began surfacing about Mr. Purdy’s business practices involving, students, colleagues, and business associates.  Some were posted, many were not, but all were in consultation about Mr. Purdy’s refusal to address.

Curiously, many of the forums allowed Mr. Purdy to respond/defend himself: he never did.  A few complaints mushroomed into dozens.

Out of desperation, retaliation and ill-will, Mr. Purdy accused BajaBrent of posting these articles, in spite of the fact, that all of the author’s names were attached to their own complaints! There was no doubt who the authors were, as their names were right on the posts!

Regardless of these self-evident truths, 2 days before his annual May Fly-in,  Purdy chose to punish BajaBrent. Purdy sent attorneys to Brent’s home to coerce BajaBrent into signing a preposterous contract which required Brent to assume all responsibility for the online complaints, and an independent website called  Purdy insisted that Brent remove all online disparaging comments, and dismantle website.  None of which was within Brent’s dominion, control, or ability to remove.  Brent refused to be manipulated or coerced into such a travesty. Purdy then banned Brent from flying La Salina. With no other option, Brent conceded to sit it out!

After another 6 weeks, of additional online complaints against Mr. Purdy (not a single one posted by BajaBrent), Mr. Purdy, folded up his wings, sold his motors, and moved from La Salina. There was NEVER a single word uttered by Mr Purdy against any of his accusers who posted on various “complaint” websites.  He apparently had no defense.

Bajabrent abided by the flying prohibition until he recovered the Ejido Concession, in March 2014. He NEVER launched/landed on the Ejido for almost a year. However, after recovering the concession in March 2014, BajaBrent scored 17.5 hours of airtime, along with the native members of Team Fly La Salina.  Special thanks goes out to many supporters for their personal assistance, guidance and advice. Among them, Diane (Flipper) Gerard, Alvaro Alvarez, Mauricio Parra, Terry (Bullwinkle) Flint, Phil Russman, Jeff Hamman, Casey Cadwell.

Also BajaBrent thanks the Ejido La Mision for restoring the concession, and working through the last 12 challenging months of disruption, complications, and dormancy. Mr. Purdy NEVER succeeded in cross-training a single PPG student to become a PG student at La Salina. Not a one. Meanwhile, the regular PG community basically abandoned the site during the following 10 months.

Since Brent has returned, between 30-50 PG pilots have flown La Salina.  Bajabrent is back! So is Team Fly La Salina. and thankfully all of you who have demonstrated your support!


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