EIGHTH ANNUAL FlyLaSalina.com Fiesta Del Cielo Luna Llena, Fly-in May 13-19 2014


The Eighth ANNUAL FlyLaSalina.com Fiesta Del Cielo Luna Llena Fly-in begins Tuesday May 13-Monday May 19, 2014 at La Salina Flying Ridge in Baja California Mexico, 45 minutes south of the Tijuana/San Diego border crossing.
Deemed “The Perfect Ridge” by HG pilots in the late 70’s…


La Salina is known worldwide as Baja’s best Airsport venue. Launch from the 700’ ridge, located ½ mile east of Pacific Ocean. Soar for hours, climbing to 3000 ft+ in desert thermals, then land on big/beautiful sandy beach, OR XC… into Baja’s world class wine country.  (more public info below)

 There will be a Valle De Guadalupe wine country tour for pilots, friends, and family. Fly PG, HG, PPG, and trikes. This year we have scheduled the event to begin on a Tuesday night, as that is the best night to fly the full moon (the night before the actual full moon). We realize that many may not be able to take the time off, but if you can, its a spectacular event.

 Event sponsored by TEAM FlyLaSalina.com; Alximia Vineyard,  Ejido La Mision; Ensenada Secretaria de Tourismo; and BajaBrent (who handles accommodations at his beachfront B & B complete with beachfront astro-turfed LZ). More details at www.FlyLaSalina.wordpress.com ; www.FlyLaSalina.com or www.BajaBrent.com contact bajabrent@msn.com or call 760-203-2658 or 01152-646-155-8194 (Baja landline).

I. FOR THE PUBLIC: (pilots skp to II below)

The 8th annual Fiesta Del Cielo Luna Llena will begin Wednesday May 13-May 19. Most pilots will be at the site during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, where you can come and enjoy the beautiful spectacle of a ultralight air show.

To locate La Salina flightpark, take the TJ/Ensenada toll road to the La Salina exit (KM 73). At bottom of the ramp GO EAST toward the ridge and follow the signs. Pls park in the parking lot located just off the service road. PLS DO NOT drive into and/or park in the LANDING ZONE (LZ), The LZ has a large windsock, so if you are there, you need to return to the service road, and drive north another 200 meters and you will locate the parking lot.

For non-pilots and observers, tandem flights will be available from some of Southern CA and Mexico’s most experienced trained professionals in paragliding, PPG and ultralight aircraft. If you’ve ever dreamed of soaring like a hawk, raven, eagle, REACH FOR THE SKY…YOUR TIME HAS COME!!!! You can call BajaBrent at #’s listed here to reserve a flight or come to the flightpark and ask directions. If no one is in the LZ, look up at the top of the ridge and locate the astro-turf launch. If someone is there, try calling the cell #646-124-5820.

There are two basic methods to enjoy a tandem flight (where an experienced pilot flies the aircraft with a patron). One method is via a motorized paraglider (PPG) or motorized trike (fixed delta wing). Both of these aircraft can launch and land right from the beach, La Salina being one of those beaches this is often done. This type of flight is flown primarily along the beaches from La Salina to La Fonda; lasts on average 10-15 minutes at a cost of $50-$60. No experience is required. Warm clothing generally is advised.

The second method is “free-fly” with a experienced paraglider pilot from La Salina flying ridge. This type of flight requires no motor. You foot launch from the astro-turf spot up on top of the ridge east of the toll road. These flights generally rely upon the weather, sea breeze, and thermal conditions which impact the length of the flight. These flights require 1-2 hours of traveling to launch, preparing for launch, basic flight instruction, etc. The flight generally lasts 20-40 minutes depending on conditions. ( free flight tandems run @ $120-$130)

For more general information about flying in La Salina, pls visit www.FlyLASALINA.com and/or feel free to contact BajaBrent @ US # 760-203-2658; Baja land line 646-124-5820; or Baja Moviestar cell 646-124-5820. or email direct bajabrent@msn.com



The Fiesta begins Tuesday, May 13 and extends until Monday May 19, 2014. This provides up to 7 days and 6 nights at the venue.The main days of the event will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This year, we are considering flying up to several different coastal sites (weather permitting): Cantamar/Halfway House; La Fonda; La Salina; Salsipuedes; El Borrego; and “The Antennaes” at Punta Banda/Bufadora. The final decision will be made each morning depending on forecasts, weather, and willingness of the participants.Here is a little background:

Cantamar-Halfway House, dates back to before La Salina, and was a popular HG site in the 70′s and 80′s. Over the last couple years, pilots have had difficulty accessing this site, due to the guards refusal to allow entry. This year, BajaBrent has spoken with owners and has gotten a tentative verbal commitment, assuming waivers are signed and there is insurance. However, it is still unclear if this will suffice. This year, conditions permitting, we may make this the primary XC run, beginning here and attempting to fly to La Salina, Salsipuedes, and onto Ensenada for @ 50KM. It can be done.

Salsipuedes , is our dream flying site: its beauty, ease of access and bouyant air are just so darn fun, you never wanna land! Problem is that the toll road has been blocked off due to the road collapse @ KM 93 about 20 kms south of La Salina. Bajabrent has already determined some options to getting there, to be discussed.

El Borrego, This site is located partway into Valle de Guadalupe just off the highway. It appears to have tremendous potential as gateway launch to XC into Valle de Guadalupe and beyond…It appears to be an excellent option to La Salina, in the event we get socked in one day with a marine layer. This launch is located on private property and requires permission to fly.( 30 minute drive)

Finally there is “The Antennaes Launch”at Punta Banda/Bufadora (1 hour south). This site has been around for many years, but several years ago, it was locked up for security.. Well the Mexican brotherhood stepped up to the plate andgot a set of keys!!!! HAHAHA It is @ 1000 meters high and promises an excellent glide, even if the thermals aren’t working. However, it too can be a little unreliable, as it is almoston the exact opposite side of Ensenada bay from Salsipuedes…


The Fly-in will begin Tuesday morning a site intro day, for some, and most likely a fun flying day at La Salina. You can come in Monday night and be ready to fly Tuesday morning.

FULL MOON FLIGHT(S): The full moon is technically on Wednesday (5/14) evening. Thus we want to fly it either Tuesday or Wednesday night. The night BEFORE the scientifically defined full moon, is actually better for photo ops. The moon looks just as full and rises an hour before the sun sets. IF that doesnt work, then Wednesday evening IT IS!!!! And for the die-hards, even Thursday and/or Friday nights will work, as long as you know how to setup after dark AND you can avoid catabatic conditions?!?! And we have plenty of stories about nights like those type of evenings!

XC: LA SALINA- ALXIMIA VINYARD: One of this year’s sponsors is Alximia Vinyard in Valle de Guadalupe wine country owned by Team FlyLaSalina.com pilot Alvaro Alvarez (aka WineStein). For a couple of years now, WineStein has taughted us to fly from the coast to Alximia, the first to accomplish this would receive the coveted magnum of Alximia’s “Pyra” wine , a fantastic Barbera grape, and a favorite of Bajabrent. We will discuss the location and flight plan with those attending the event. John Pitt, who has probably flown more into wine country from La Salina, will conduct a lecture for all those interested on Wednesday evening.

XC: CANTAMAR—ENSENADA: This has YET to be performed, and BajaBrent really has no excuse! But alas all the segments have been done before. Phil Russman connected the dots with 2 segments in 2011. Those of you familiar with Russman’s style will know to avoid “Phil’s Hole”! This trip covers @ 50 Kms along the tollroad and ridge line, featuring several challenging “gaps” to cross.

We will ALSO be attempting to incorporate some basiccompetitive tasks. Certainly, an XC comp, the one day. Longest airtime, any day, spot landing and hi-guy. Problem is that Bajabrent and Flipper are usually doing so much, including the B & B its hard to administer it all. But we are on it!


FLY-IN RATES & PACKAGES: Fly-in registration/venue access fee(s): $9.95/day; $19.95 = 3 day pass; or $29.95 for entire event. TANDEMS NOW HAVE DIFFERENT RATES, BE SURE TO TALK TO BAJABRENT BEFORE LAUNCHING ANY TANDEM PASSENGERS! Hospitality guests receive flight pass discounts just ask!

Accomodations: (BajBrent’s Beachfront Bed and Breakfast, and other beach places)

BajaBrent’s Beachfront Bed and Breakfast (The B-4), is northern Baja’s oldest Bed and Breakfast (est’d 1997). Located on the La Salina beach directly across from the La Salina Flying ridge, the B-4 offers thequickest and most convenient access to the flightpark.

The mainhouse is enjoyed by all guests,huge beachfront patio; ASTRO TURFED LZ on beach terrace; pool table, large HD satellite TV featuring a plethora of paragliding/flying movies; guest refrigerators…YOU ARE ON THE BEACH, (not “near”, or steps away—YOU ARE ON LA SALINA BEACH)!!! If you can’t launch from the ridge, and make it to my house, I’ll have to tear up your P-2 card! HA!

The B-4 features 5 guestrooms, with 15 beds. If you want private accomodations, pls email BajaBrent directly, otherwise ”Hostel” style arrangments incur the following pricing (rates include taxes):

1 night stands: $39/person (check-in after 2:00PM; check out noon);

2 nights: $75/pp;

3 nights: $100/pp;

4+ nights add $25/night/person

Rates include prepared breakfast (Friday, Sat, Sun mornings); self-serve breakfast (breads/cereal, fruit, coffee, OJ) other mornings.

Sleeping arrangements will be provided on first come/first serve basis.

Bajabrent has also reserved the La Salina Hotel/Cantina rooms for those of you who would prefer your own bed with private bath. The 3 night package runs $169 for a private room (double occupancy) ; You can also book a room with two beds/bath for up to 4 people for $199 for 3 nights.

Groups of 5 or more qualify for GROUP RATE, contact BajaBrent for more info….

Anyone bringing a non-participatory guest (e.g. significant other sharing your pillow) needs to check with us on special rates accordingly.

CAMPING:There is a campground 4 miles north but your safety and the protection of your personal belongings, is entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It also costs $10-$15/night. You will still need to pay the daily flying fee(s). So if saving $10-$15/night is worth your risk, then RISK AND REWARD!

In Addition, IF you want a private home, condo, or room, BajaBrent can HOOK YOU UP! JUST email bajabrent@msn.com

Last but not least… the host, Bajabrent is also the most experienced La Salina paragliding pilot who is enjoying his 18th flying season in La Salina. With over 1100 hours of airtime at the site! His insight/advice are obviously, very helpful. In fact, site intro fees are usually assessed to non-booking pilot/tour groups. This is likewise included at no extra charge.


FOOD! Monday night, (12th) the La Salina Cantina will feature “all you can eat” steam clams, with fresh garden salad for $7. I’ve had this numerous times and its GREAT!

Wednesday night (14th) is the Cantina features all you can eat spaghetti FOR FREE!!! (with purchase of alcoholic beverage beer: $3).

Bajabrent and Flipper also plan on a bratwurst BBQ on Saturday or Sunday night TBA. Generally this is a $10 all you can eat affair and a couple of beers are included.. More later.

THIS EVENT IS SPONSORED BY:TEAM http://www.FLYLASALINA.com; Alximia Vinyard, Ejido La Mision,

En EspanolMartes 13 de mayo y lunes 19 de mayo 2014
Considerado “The Perfect Ridge” por los pilotos HG a finales de los 70 , La Salina es conocido mundialmente como el mejor lugar de Baja Aerodeportivo . Lanzamiento de la ” cresta 700 , ubicada ½ milla al este del Océano Pacífico. Soar durante horas , subiendo a 3.000 pies + en las térmicas del desierto , y luego aterrizar en la hermosa playa grande / arena , O XC en el país del vino de clase mundial de Baja. Este año , volar hasta 5 sitios costeros que vuelan diferentes, incluyendo un KM XC 50 ( Cantamar , La Salina, Salsipuedes , El Borrego ( nuevo centro) y Punta Banda / Bufadora ) . El jueves es día de introducción del sitio. XC y eventos voladores comienzan el viernes. Vuelo Full moon es viernes por la noche : 24 DE MAYO ! Habrá una gira por el país de vino del Valle de Guadalupe para los pilotos , amigos y familia. Vuela PG, HG , PPG y triciclos . Este año hemos programado el evento que comenzará el martes por la noche , ya que es la mejor noche para volar la luna llena ( la noche antes de la luna llena real). Nos damos cuenta de que muchos pueden no ser capaces de tomar el tiempo libre , pero si se puede , es un evento espectacular .
Evento patrocinado por TEAM FlyLaSalina.com ; Ejido La Mision , Ensenada Secretaría de Tourismo y BajaBrent (quien se encarga de instalaciones hoteleras puestas a su frente al mar B & B completo con frente a la playa cubierta de césped astro- LZ) . Más detalles enwww.FlyLaSalina.wordpress.com ; www.FlyLaSalina.com or www.BajaBrent.com contact bajabrent@msn.com or call 760-203-2658 or 01152-646-155-8194 (Baja landline).
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