2011 La Salina Recap: a year of change; challenge; children; and tragedy

2011 will clearly be considered one of the biggest eventful years at Baja’s Best Flying venue: La Salina.  (these are quick mentions of points to be developed later below 1/21/12

The year began with the announcement/planning for the 5th annual Fiesta De Cielo Full Moon Fly-in.  Shortly after publication, Fink, contacted me about the possibility of an FAI comp, to which we agreed should be merged with the Fly-in.

Shortly thereafter Juan Gonzalez came to fly La Salina, with me almost every week–sometimes several times/week.  Lucas Lujan likewise became integral to Fink’s program, and the Ensenada Open portion began to materialize;

By April, site rehablitation became critical mass, as we anticipated a healthy group of pilots, public, politicians, and press.

Several important things came outta the events to perpetuate the future of flying opportuniites at La Salina (wine country, Phil’s flights, new pilots, exposure)

Terry Flint, once again, hosted 2 Door of Faith Orphanage, fun days for the children at Baja Seasons;

On a tragic note we suffered the loss of Bob Armond, Steve Starwalt suffered a serious accident on launch, Jessie Ortiz, suffered another disabling injury as well.

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