WELCOME to the new and improved Airsport Blog!

This Fly La Salina Airsport Blog is a continuation of the former blog from which is now lost in cyberspace. Unfortunately last November discontinued that blog for nonpayment of $2.95 because an otherwise valid credit card changed its expiration from 2010 to 2013. And in spite of my godaddy account, since 2005 of 5 websites, 3 blogs and 2 other payment options, feared corporate insolvency–due to the lack of my $2.95—-  they needed to “pull the plug” to guarantee their corporate solvency.  Importantly all my other websites/blogs were/continue to be in good standing. Of course they sent w/ one email notice to me, which was buried amongst their constant barrage of other promos—sometimes several a day. Meanwhile GD jettisoned years of content, rather than archive, as I am certain said content was gobbling up all sortsa server space! Of course this is ridiculous, but alas all the goodies from 4 years of blogging has been LOST IN SPACE…and Scottie’s not around to beam it BACK!!!! Accordingly I will atttempt to resurrect any content I can locate in the anals (scary concept) of my notes and written archives. Unfortunately, some very good material, notes, records, excerpts, and diary are forever lost. 

In the end, as I’m sure many of you know, wordpress is a far better blogging support group.  I will attempt to recycle some of the ole, but for now, we must move into the future. Its time to move up!!!!

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