February 2011

Early February, continues with unseasonably warm weather, light/no wind, and high pressure conditions.  By mid-month it seems hopeless. 

Sometime around 2oth of the month Bajabrent receives a call from Hector “Fink” Martin, from Valle Guadalupe.  He wants to bring a paragliding competition to La Salina in late May.  Bajabrent explains that he has already slated the Fiesta Del Cielo Luna Llena V for May 12-16th, so why not merge the events?  It is agreed!  The first www.Ensenadaopen.com FAI sanctioned competion is born!

Contemperaneously another Mexican pilot appears in the parking lot of the LZ.,  Juan Gonzalez, from Monterrey MX.  Together Juan and Bajabrent share some airtime over the next several consecutive days.  Bajabrent scores 10 hrs 30 minutes over those 5 days.  Conditions have obviously improved.

BajaBrent celebrates his 14th anniversary of flying La Salina on February 22nd.  Coincidentally, after a 2.5 hour flight, I realized I had ALSO logged my 900th flying hour at La Salina, the same day!

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