January 2011

What a beautiful month!  Daily temperatures 70-80 degrees F.  Clear days, cold evenings. BUT NO WIND!  Yikes!  Its absolutely unbelievable this summer climate.  The desert is in full bloom, but FLYING is very minimal.  However, of course, of the 10 days I spend stateside, most of those appeared COMPLETELY FLYABLE!  Go figure!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Fifth Annual FlyLaSalina.com Fiesta Del Cielo Luna LLena Fly-in is set for May 12-17th.  Mother’s Day is the weekend before, and the Soboba Spring Fly-in, may repeat the end of May.  Date seems perfect, and May has always been an epic month in La Salina!  And of course, we will FLY THE FULL MOON, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights!!!

This annual event was postponed last autumn due to annual problem with autumn Santa Ana storms that impacted two of the prior fly-ins.  Back in August of last year the decision was made to move into April or May of 2011. BajaBrent officially set the date January 16 when contacting USHPA and setting it on their calendar, for publication.

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