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FlyLaSalina  2009


Marcello Debarro and his gaggle of pilots from ATMOSPHERE Paragliding School, come to Fly La Salina and stay at BajaBrents Beachfront B & B  .  

Marcello poses "De Janeiro" upon arrival on launch

Every day was a beautiful flying day.  Lotsa big air, so good, in fact, that San Luis Obispo pro glider pilots”Asymmetric” Jessie Jenks and Eric Hack come join the fun!

Team ATMOSPHERE Paragliding, Marcello, Eric Hack, Jessie Jenks, Flipper and BajaBrent pose before launching


John Welch brings his gaggle of pilots from UK, France and Europe for their 2nd consecutive Baja excursion, stopping a

John Welch of Flight Culture UK and Bajabrent

 couple nights at the B-4.   John guides tours through Baja traveling as far south as Scorpion Bay, and all soaring sites in between. His first stop is at BajaBrent’s before heading out…its a two week camping, fishing, snorkeling and flying adventure!

Welch organizes Flight Culture UK as they prepare to leave

John is internationally known for his paragliding tours throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and Mexico.  One of his “local” favorite sites are the dunes di Pyla in France.  He is a renown chef as well, so all of his ‘excursions’ include gourmet meals prepped with locally available products for more info see www.flightculture.co.uk.


FlyLaSalina.com Luna Lllena Fiesta Del Cielo IV welcomes Casey Cadwell Chief Susan Magdaleno,  Kip Stone, and  “motorhead” Casey, Chief Susan, TEAM MotorHeads, and Bajabrent on the B-4   to BajaBrent’s B-4.  The weekend forecast threatened a repeat  of 2008 Santa Ana conditions, but they never fully materialized. Free-flight pilots faced stronger cross-north conditions and elected to try flying the “La Fonda” launch across the road from the world famous resort. Multi-wingual Sky God Eric Chase preps to launch La Fonda

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