Fifth Annual Luna Llena Fiesta Del Cielo

SPONSORED BY:TEAM ;;  and The Ejido La Mision. This event is being held in conjuction with— first ever— La Salina-Ensenada FAI sanctioned paragliding competition:  ( information is all there)

The Fly-in is  open to Paragliders, Hang Gliders, PPG, Ultralight Pilots, Base-Jumpers and Enthusiasts: EVERYONE IS INVITED!!! 

There will be a whole series of events including: Longest Flight (time-wise); Highest Flight; Flight to Goal, Bomb-drop; Treasure Hunt; Spot Landing; Race to Launch; Cross-Country; Tows (payout winch);
For non-pilots and observers, tandem flights will be available from some of Southern CA and Mexico’s most experienced trained professionals in paragliding, PPG and ultralight aircraft. If you’ve ever dreamed of  soaring like a hawk, raven, eagle, REACH FOR THE SKY…YOUR TIME HAS COME!!!! 

The Fiesta begins Thursday, May 12 and extends until Tuesday May 17 2011.  This provides up to 6 days and 5 nights at the venue.  The main days of the event will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday will be the spillover day, in the event we get skunked on conditions another day. Tuesday night (5/17) is the actual  FULL MOON—–and therefore should be spectacular.  Sunday and/or  Monday nights we will launch after sunset to fly the full moon.

This event will coincide with the FIRST–ever– FAI class II  sanctioned paragliding invitational competition at La Salina.  This event will run May 10-17. If you are a competition pilot you will need to register directly through .

Thursday night (May 12th) will feature internationally acclaimed fiddle/flaminko guitar duet of Depue-Dehoyos. This is an amazing spanglish duet that will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF! If you wanna know more, google “Alex Depue” or find him on Facebook.

Saturday Night will be “I Just Wanna Fly” Night at the Cantina   You will be amazed how many of the local La Salina Community (pilots and non-pilots)  will come and participate with the Fly-in  Karaoke show. 

 SPECIAL NOTE: All proceeds (if any) from this Fiesta Del Cielo event are used to clean-up and maintain the flying area. Bajabrent  continues  efforts to clean and restore the site with the assistance of local Mexican workers. Please support this activity to enhance the beauty and utility of this flying facility.

There will be press coverage and awesome “Flipper” designed t-shirts, Best lookin design in the flying industry, ranked NOS. 1 BY USHPA!!!

FLY-IN PACKAGES: Fly-in registration/venue access fee(s): $9.95/day; or  $29.95 for entire event. (If you are a registered contestant in competition, these fees are included in your registration). 

Accomodations: (BajBrent’s Beachfront Bed and Breakfast, and other beach places)

BajaBrent’s Beachfront Bed and Breakfast (The B-4), is northern Baja’s oldest Bed and Breakfast (est’d 1997).  Located on the La Salina beach directly across from the La Salina Flying ridge, the B-4 offers quickest and most convenient access to the flightpark. 

The mainhouse is enjoyed by all guests,  huge beachfront patio; carpeted LZ on beach terrace; including pool table, large HD satellite TV featuring a plethora of paragliding/flying movies; guest refrigerators…YOU ARE ON THE BEACH, (not “near”, or steps away—YOU ARE  ON LA SALINA BEACH)!!!  If you can’t launch from the ridge, and make it to my house, I’ll have to tear up your P-2 card!  HA!

The B-4 features 5 guestrooms, with 15 beds. If you want private accomodations, pls email BajaBrent directly, otherwise “Hostel” style arrangments incur the following pricing: 

 1st and 2nd night: $39/night; 3 nights: $99; 5 nights $139;  7 nights: $179. (rates include taxes)

Rates include prepared breakfast (Friday, Sat, Sun mornings); self-serve breakfast (breads/cereal, fruit, coffee, OJ) other mornings. 

 Sleeping arrangements will be provided on first come/first serve basis.

Bajabrent has also reserved the La Salina Hotel/Cantina rooms for those of you who would prefer your own bed with private bath.  The 3 night package runs $199 for a private room (double occupancy) ;  You can also book a room with two beds/bath for up to 4 pilots for $299 for 3 nights. 

Groups of 5 or more qualify for GROUP RATE, contact BajaBrent for more info….

Anyone bringing a non-participatory guest (e.g. significant other sharing your pillow) needs to check with us on special rates accordingly.

CAMPING:  There is no camping permitted on La Salina Beach or on the private property encompassing the flying ridge (10,000 acres).  Do not appear with a tent/sleeping bag and hope to find a place closeby.  There is a campground 4 miles north but your safety and the protection of your personal belongings, is entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It also costs $10-$15/night.  So if saving $10-$15/night is worth your risk, then RISK AND REWARD! 

As an option: There are a couple empty homes near flightpark that BajaBrent might work out an arrangement for, IF the demand is there, predicated upon a 7 day stay.  Figure $150/person for the week.  But I will need at least 6 pilots to sign up for this in order for it to work.  You would be staying in safe,  secure, environment, sleeping in your sleeping bag and possibly a tent or deck or possibly even a bedroom (1st come first serve). You’d have bathrooms with hot water. And basic kitchen. Non-beachfront, but very near the action.  You can walk to everything including  launch. You will need to arrange prepayment.

In Addition, IF you want a private home, condo, or room, BajaBrent can HOOK YOU UP!  JUST email

Last but not least… the host, Bajabrent is also the most experienced La Salina paragliding pilot having recently celebrated his 14th “flying anniversary” , with over 900 hours of airtime at the site!  His insight/advice are obviously, very helpful.  In fact, site intro fees are usually assessed to non-booking pilot/tour groups.  This is likewise included at no extra charge. 

EMAIL: bajabrent@MSN.COM   see:
call US: 760-203-2658  MEX: 01152-646-155-4218

(this event has been authorized and approved by our gracious host: The Ejido La Mision, Los Duenos de La Salina Ridge) VIVA MEXICO Y VIVA EJIDO LA MISION!!! OTHER INFORMATION

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