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May 2007 Announcement: FlyLaSalina.com Fiesta Del Cielo Luna Llena II October 9-14, 2007


This is an open invitation to Paragliders, Hang Gliders, PPG, Ultralight Pilot, Base-Jumpers and Enthusiasts: EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!

There will be a whole series of events including: Longest Flight (time-wise); Highest Flight; Flight to Goal, Bomb-drop; Treasure Hunt; Spot Landing; Race to Launch; Cross-Country; Tows (payout winch);
For non-pilots and observers, tandem flights will be available from some of Southern CA and Baja’s most experienced trained professionals in paragliding, and ultralight. So finally there will be a chance for you to soar like a hawk, raven, eagle, or whatever your dream!
The Fiesta begins Thursday, October 9 and extends until Tuesday October 14, 2007.  This provides up to 6 days and 5 nights at the venue. Tuesday night (10/14) is the actual  FULL MOON—–and therefore should be spectacular.  The main days of the event will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday and/or  Monday nights we will launch after sunset to fly the full moon. Monday will be the spillover day, in the event we get skunked on conditions another day.

Saturday Night will be “I Just Wanna Fly” Night at the Cantina featuring THE MOONDOGGIE Karaoke Show (www.THEMOONDOGGIE.com  ) .  You will be shocked/amazed how much of the local La Salina Community (pilots and non-pilots)  will come and participate with the Fly-in participants at the #1 Baja Karaoke show featuring Fly-in Music.  Even if you wanna go to “Virgins” one or more nights….SATURDAY NIGHT is NOT THE NIGHT TO GO!!!… see Bajabrent for more details….

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