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September/October 2006

FIRST ANNUAL FlyLaSalina.com Fiesta Del Cielo Full Moon Fly-IN, is a gigantic success….

MAY 2006

OK I know this is a little dated, but May is a pivotal month of defining fly-time at La Salina. Summer is upon us which means the desert is cooking up.  May can be counted on as ushering in the 2 session per day flying pattern.  From early April through mid May, its still possible that you will have only one session beginning in late afternoon. 

I have been in La Salina @ 7 out of 10 days since mid March.  We have been experiencing a far greater amount of morning South wind than usual.  As the day progresses, the south will oftentimes switch more west.  But in the last few days (late May to early June) the south has maintained throughout the day.  When conditions are more regular, you can hike and launch between 9:30 and 10:30 AM.  Thermals are getting stronger as the desert is heating up.  Likewise the onshore can produce whitecaps before noon.  When this happens, the  smart guys look to land. Otherwise you will have difficulty penetrating, especially if the beach is the  goal.

So what to expect: South shifting to west and in the evening to North.  Of course, as usual, this is NOT an everyday pattern.  But if you are down here enough, you can see the consistency more than if not.

Also a lot of marine layer is impacting the ridge on a daily basis. This is typical of our annual “June gloom” phenomena.  Flying in white out is no fun when other pilots are nearby, but then again, when no one is around….welll I guess its just “Helen” the Hawk; Randolfo, Rebecca, Ramon and Raul (the Ravens); and me.  And WE ALL KNOW who ISN’T in trouble in those conditions.  Adios, Fly HIGH and FLy safe.

BTW, I will try to update this more frequently and add some pix!  Feel free to feedback….this is a work in progress.

APRIL 2006

Patrick Eaves, paragliding movie producer, (One Sky)brings his all-star cast of David “Slammin” Salmon, Jessie “Assymetric”Jenks, Eric “Chester” Hack, Bob Osborne, Jack Grisanti, Tyler, Tom and Dave to Bajabrent’s Beachfront Bed and Breakfast (aka the B-4) at La Salina.  Every day was near perfect conditions as we flew 2-3 times per day and up to 2 hours per flight. As the week progressed I admired aerobatic maneuvers performed by Jessie, Eric, and Pat.  But as spectacular as their SATs, spirals and wingovers were, no one could OUTPERFORM Slammin Salmon!  YEP at 67 years old his mastery of the sport is truly inspiring to everyone.  Later in the week E-team Legend John Pitt came down from Lake Elsinore to inspire everyone to fly to La Fonda.  Indeed in one flight alone 6 shot the mega-north gap and over the Guadalupe River with John, Pat and Eric landing at La Fonda’s beach.  Bajabrent made 8 straight flights to the beach and actually made 11 out of 12.  The week was considered a great success but for one incident involving a student pilot.

On the 3rd day of flying where a student pilot, participating in a thermal clinic experienced a 60% collapse near the “sweet spot” marker at the turn in the road. He spun into the collapsed edge and impacted the side of the cliff. He suffered several broken/fractured bones and was rushed to San Diego where he was hospitalized and later released.   Thanks go out to Gabrielle Jebb, Gloria, Tom and Dr. Rudy Gallardo for quick action and first aid that facilitated his recovery.

APRIL 2006

NO pic of pilots, but my Ohio buddies were visiting at same time. I couldnt help myself!

David Lankisch and Mariana of www.AEROTHRUSTPPG.com  brought student PPG pilots to La Salina second week of April 2006.  Near perfect conditions provided plenty of opportunity to kite their wings and practice their launch techniques. David’s group stayed at Bajabrent’s beach facilities and trained everyday starting before 8:00 AM.  Casey Cadwell was on hand to provide additional instruction which guaranteed the success of the event.  By the time it was all said and done, three new pilots were signed off to the next stage in PPG. Congratulations to Mike, Mark and Joe for a job well done!

MARCH 2006

Rick Sharp measuring wind on south launch

Admittedly this is a bit outdated. I was able to FINALLY catch up to the Parafly team on Launch morning of March 17 at  10:00 AM was already gusting to 20.  Rick and Ruth said the group had a great amount of flying.  We managed a glass off flight in the afternoon, but the next morning was raining.  BUT they will be back next year for some more magnificent La Salina flying.  check out www.PARAFLYPG.com for more info!

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